2017 Resolutions: Looking Ahead To Our First Full Year

We built Equine Career Network because we wanted to create a job search resource that served the equine careers outside of a barn. It’s a simple idea, but one that we are passionate about. How can we improve the job search landscape for job seekers, and how can we make sure that equine industry companies and organizations are able to find top talent?

Our goal is to strengthen the equine industry by attracting horse savvy, talented individuals who will contribute to the growth of the companies we know and love, as well as create new products and ideas, ultimately growing our beloved industry.

So, as we approach 2017 we’d like to share our resolutions for 2017, our first full year. It’s important to us that we hold ourselves accountable to you – our readers.

Support College students and college advising offices

  • This year we will be reaching out to college students and college equestrians in the hopes of helping them to envision careers where they can continue their love of and passion for horses. We want to help with the job search, provide content that will help them learn about how best to pursue opportunities and more.
  • We also want to address the challenges faced by the advising offices at the colleges. How can they best help students interested in the equine industry connect with contacts and resources to be successful in their job search. As we learn about the challenges they face, we will work with them to help overcome them.

Support Job Seekers interested in joining the equine industry

  • We believe that those who are passionate about horses and who continue their  careers with horses are ultimately the people who continue to innovate, create products and build new companies. Growth is crucial for any company or industry.
  • We believe that supporting the journey of horse people who may be looking to find new opportunities in their fields, whether that be marketing, sales, product development, etc., will also lead to entrepreneurs who are looking to create products that solve problems.

Support Companies in their search for top talent


Kelsey and Kaitlyn, in 2004, at the beginning of a friendship that has been deeply rooted in a mutual love for horses.

  • While companies in the equine industry may not feel that their entire team needs to be horse savvy, it certainly helps improve culture and boost morale when employees believe in the vision that the company is trying to accomplish.

What resolutions did you make this year? How can we help you succeed?

Cheers to an absolutely awesome 2017!!

All our best,

Kaitlyn and Kelsey Co-Founders of Equine Career Network

Equine Career Network connects job seekers, employers, and entrepreneurs in the equine industry. Focusing on the companies, organizations, associations, and small businesses that power all facets of the equine industry, our goal is to help college students and young professionals realize the endless potential for a rewarding career with horses.

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